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Extrasol Solingen straight razor

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Organic seeds - Tomato - Hellfrucht

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Helen Essential Oil Blend - Inner Peace

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  • Natural Surface Treatments: Waxes and Oils

    Natural, plant based oils and waxes have been used for centuries, but the products of the modern chemical industry replaced them for a while. Now, as we gain more awareness in environmental and health issues, a renaissance of these amazing toxic-free materials has started.

  • Natural Paints for a Healthier Home

    Be careful when choosing a paint, and spend your days in a house without harsh chemicals on its walls!

  • Save Heat and Save the Planet!

    Energy upgrades don’t need to be expensive and fussy! No worries if you don’t have the money, time or chance at the moment to insulate your home, there are several cheap and easy tricks that can help you save on heating this winter!

  • Disposable Water Bottle? Not Cool!

    Even in areas where tap water is safe to drink, demand for bottled water is increasing - producing unnecessary garbage and consuming vast quantities of energy. Stop this insanity and choose reusable!

  • Are You Wasting Resources When Washing Recyclables?

    Many people fear that if they wash the recyclables they waste precious water. If you’ve been concerned about this too, keep on reading!

  • These Facts Will Motivate You to Reduce, Reuse & Recycle!

    Everyone knows that we should create less waste, and recycle the rest, but sometimes we lose our motivation. Here are some awesome facts that will keep you going!

  • Waste-free periods are possible, here’s how!

    Ditch wasteful, potentially toxic and irritating tampons and pads! We have the solutions for you if you want a garbage-free period!

  • Keep Bugs Away with These All-Natural DIY Ideas!

    Want to prevent insect bites without any harmful chemicals? Read our tips!

  • 12+ Products that Help You Cut Waste

    The zero waste movement is getting more and more popular, which is great news for the environment and us in it! Want to join in? Read our tips!

  • Simple DIY Skin Care with Zeolite Powder

    Zeolite is an exceptional mineral that can do wonders to your skin and has other benefits too. These all-natural skin care recipes will be great additions to your beauty routine!

  • 6 All-Natural DIY Emulsion Creams

    Do you want to make your own PEG-free, plant based creams, lotions and other skin care products? We got you covered! See 6 examples for home made emulsion creams!

  • Everything You Need to Know About Emulsions

    If you are tired of toxic ingredients in beauty products, and have learned the basics of DIY skin care, you can take it a step further! Emulsions are little bit more complicated to make, but they worth the effort!

  • The Green Gardener’s Guide

    People usually associate gardens with sustainability but actually not every way of gardening is eco-friendly! What should you consider to have a beautiful, diverse backyard? Read further and find out!

  • 10 All-Natural Cleaning Recipes

    Cleaning naturally is easy, cheap, and way better for your health! Just try these recipes, and see for yourself!

  • Doing Laundry the Green Way

    Cut back on harmful chemicals, and use cheap, eco-friendly ingredients for washing your clothes! These all-natural detergents are great if you have sensitive skin, and if you want to take the next step towards sustainability.

  • Raising Green Kids

    The toys we choose to put in the hands of our children send a message about how we think about parenting and life in general. There is a lot of plastic junk out there marketed to your kids, but what can you do if you wish a greener future for them?

  • Composting 101

    Reduce trash and boost the nutrients in your soil at the same time! Composting is easy, and it saves a lot of greenhouse gas emissions. Learn how to do it properly!

  • Cloth Diapering Guide

    Washable diapers are a great way to reduce waste: an average child uses 4-6000 diapers until being potty trained, which equals to approximately 1 tons of non-degradable material on the landfills. But the many kinds of cloth diapers seem confusing for beginners. So we created this guide to make your decision easier!

  • Fight Eczema Naturally!

    More and more people seek natural help for eczema. Many of our customers asked us what we recommend to treat and prevent this unpleasant skin condition. Find out what to swap out in your household!

  • Skin Care DIY Basics for Beginners

    Nature provides us all kinds of compounds that are necessary for keeping our skin healthy. After our article about which ingredients to avoid, let’s focus on the nourishing gifts of plants to our skin. The Ecoizm Team is passionate about natural homemade cosmetics, and we offer a wide range of
    raw materials that you can mix and match according to your skin type.

  • Water efficiency – How to Preserve Our Most Important Resource?

    If all the water in the world amounted to a bucket, the freshwater available for human use would make up less than a teaspoon! According to the UN, by 2025 1.8 billion people will be living in countries or regions with absolute water scarcity, and two-thirds of the world population will live under water stress conditions. How to use as little of this precious resource as possible? Read further for useful tips and tricks!

  • Toxic Beauty Ingredients to Avoid

    Toxic Beauty Ingredients to Avoid

    Once you know the ugly truth behind the ingredients of beauty products, you will put back most of them on the shelves right after reading the ingredient list. Let’s see what you should avoid by all means!

  • Zeolite – All-Natural Solution for Health, Household and Garden

    Zeolite – All-Natural Solution for Health, Household and Garden

    Would you believe that you can brush your teeth, fertilize your garden, purify your cooking oil, and sooth digestive issues with a single mineral? Wait till you learn all benefits and uses!

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