Emilla washable menstrual pads

Emilla washable menstrual padsEmilla washable menstrual pads
Emilla washable menstrual padsEmilla washable menstrual pads

New, eco-friendly and healthy alternative for those days of the month! :)

You can eliminate disposable menstrual pads and the toxic materials that come with them by using our cloth pads.

Modern design of the solutions of our grandmothers.

With skin-friendly Oekotex fabric, and constantly changing "surprise" patterns!

Manufacturer: Emilla
Made in: Hungary
Packaging: 1 pc
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Afrodité (S) medium thicknessAfrodité (S) medium thickness - TANGAAfrodité (S) thinAfrodité (S) wide, thinAthéné (L) thickGaia (XXL)Pénelopé (M) thickPénelopé (M) thickPénelopé (M) thinPénelopé (M) wide, middle thicknessPénelopé (M) wide, thickPénelopé (M) wide, thinSzeléné (XL)Írisz (XS) thin
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Product description


Our story begins with two Hungarian designer girls Mónika and Judit who made up their mind about creating and introducing a healthy and price friendly solution to women.


It’s about menstruation!There’s a way to avoid feeling uncomfortable or painful at the time of our cycle when we can switch to a convenient and comfortable method. Just let’s take our grandmother’s way for instance, and spice it up with a hint of the newest, and coolest design! You can be young or older, we are working on your comfort and health, producing our beautiful products.


Let’s avoid the disposable pads or tampons filled with toxic additives, and make the switch to our stain-free 100% natural cotton, linen and bamboo clothpads and pantyliners! And did we tell you that these pads last at least for five years? Just use them, wash them and reuse them!


When it comes to disposable products, we have to understand that they are either good for our health and comfort, either to our environment. In a lifetime a woman throws away to landfills about 10.000 disposable pads or tampons, and sadly, due to their plastic content, they need about 200-500 years to decompose. To look white and clean, the disposables are treated with chlorine. Since these kinds of paper-cotton-plastic combos would never hold up nearly as much liquid as the natural fabrics can, so they have a „special” blue gel inside of them, that often contains toxic elements too, such as dioxin. These dry blue granules are sometimes made of petroleum, sometimes wheet starch, but we find the biggest problem in its function: When these granules react with the blood or any kind of liquid, they become a gelly consistency and this is how the liquid stays inside of the pads. This consistency - when the granules are wet, - keeps the bacteria alive and produces an unpleasant odor as the chemicals reacts with the blood.

Our products contain 100% breathable fabrics, they are natural, very soft and absolutely leak-proof. The secret of the pads are also in their structure. They hold up much better than any disposable pads. They keep the blood inside and the layers absorb the liquids so you will no longer have this kind of “wet” and uncomfortable feeling. There are no chemicals, and gels inside of our pads, so the bacteria won’t be an issue anymore. Another advantage of the natural pads is that they don’t have odor. It is the same as if you have blood on your shirt, it dries and remains so, until you wash them. Since we use the same soft materials as for example women’s underwear, it is very comfortable to wear our pads. The fabrics absorbs liquids amazingly, so we could design our pads even thinner. You just snap it onto your underwear with their nickelfree snaps found on the pads’ wings, and you are ready to go.

They won’t shift due to their amazing forms and their wings with snaps. We have various length and absorbency designs so you can choose between at least 8-9 different styles for your taste.


It’s easy! Basically you have only one thing to care about if you want to avoid staining, to rinse them first in cold water. Warm water sets the iron of the blood and may cause staining on the surface. Rinsing doesn’t have to be right after you change pads, it can be even after the whole cycle. You can soak them for a night in cold water with a bit of vinegar, but it’s not necessary. Just throw them into the wash after rinsing and wash them on 30 °C (86 °F). However if you have white or very light coloured pads and you still see stains after rinsing, you can pre-treat them with our 100% natural stain stick. This is a soap that takes away the stains. Using washing soda and vinegar instead of fabric softeners is the best for you and for the pads too. You can dry them in the drier or just hang-dry them at home. They normally dry within a few hours or in a day max. See? It’s pretty easy isn’t it?



As we mentioned it before, your pads come with at least two snaps, but you can either choose to have an extra snap to get narrower pads or you can also get a wing-extender if you are wearing wider underwear. You place the pads, the cotton/linen/bamboo side up, where you find the patterns and snap the pad on your underwear. After using it, the soiled pads can be thrown to our basket where we keep our laundry, or get a separate small basket for the pads. If you are not at home, you can use a special water resistant wetbag, where you can put your soiled pads inside until you go home. There’s a special way to fold the pads, so the water resistant layer will be on the top, and it’s even more secure to carry them with you.



When ordering online, we will always send you from a variety of constantly changing "surprise" patterns. If you come to our shops you can choose the one you like most from the current stock.

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Top layer: 100% cotton (except the So Fluffy type - that is 100% polyesther skin-friendly material)
Outer layer: 100% PES+TPU

Environmental information


Recyclable PP plastic film and paper. Please recycle!

Environmental advantages:

Low-waste, long lasting product, eco-friendly alternative to disposable pads and tampons.

Reusable, washable
Waste-free periods are possible, here’s how!

Waste-free periods are possible, here’s how!

Ditch wasteful, potentially toxic and irritating tampons and pads! We have the solutions for you if you want a garbage-free period!