Delivery within Europe

We offer parcel delivery to most European countries. Our delivery prices are different according to distance. Our contracted delivery company is DPD. You can find our delivery prices in the following table:


WEIGHT Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4
0 - 10 kg €7.4 + VAT* €9.9 + VAT* €13 + VAT* €19,8 +VAT*
10 - 30 kg €9.1 + VAT* €11.9 + VAT* €16 + VAT* €24,8 + VAT*
30 - 60 kg €18,2 + VAT* €23.7 + VAT* €32 + VAT* €49,7 + VAT*


Zone 1: Austria (2-3), Slovakia (2-3), Croatia (2-3), Slovenia (2-3)

Zone 2: Germany (3-4), Czech Republic (3-4), Poland (4), Romania (3), Belgium (4-5), the Netherlands (4-5), Lithuania (5-6)

Zone 3: Denmark (5), Bulgaria (4), France (5), Estonia (5-6), Latvia (7), Sweden (5-6), Ireland (6), Luxembourg (4-5), Italy (4-5), England (5-6)

Zone 4: Spain (5-6), Finland (5-6), Norway(5-6), Greece* (4), Portugal (5-6)

* In case of delivery to the islands of Greece there is an additional fee to Crete 3, 6 €, the rest of the islands 11 €

The maximum weight of any package we can send as an ordinary package is 60 kg. For larger packages, you can request a unique shipping price. For this, choose the delivery method "request unique shipping offer"

To deliver in other countries of the European Union, ask for our offer at info (at) ecoizm (dot) com!


Delivery in Hungary

1. Pick Pack Pont

Pick Pack Pont service has several advantages: it is flexible, cheap and eco-friendly. There are more than 600 Pick Pack Ponts in Hungary where you can easily pick up your order whenever you like in the opening hours of the certain shop (some are even open day and night!). You can pay with debit cards in most of the shops, or with cash. Your order will be stored there for 5+5 working days. By using this service, we prevent 1275 tons of CO2 emmission every year, which is equivalent to what 25 000 trees absorb in a year.

The Pick Pack Ponts in Inmedio and Relay stores are open from Monday to Saturday, and there are points in Playersroom, Sportfactory, Plymax and Co-op Star shops. You can also find gas stations in the list like OMV, Avanti and Avia, that are often open 00:00-24:00, and can be great for drivers or those who work at night.

Find the best Pick Pack Pont for you by typing your location in the search box here:

Pick Pack Pont offers its comfortable and low-price service in more than 190 towns in Hungary.

Pricing of Pick Pack Pont delivery:


  0 - € 52,63 € 52.64 - € 87.72 more than € 87.73
0-20 kg €2,79 €1,74 FREE
More than 20 kg not available for Pick Pack Pont delivery

Time of delivery: Orders on workdays before 14:00 are processed and passed the same day to Lapker Zrt. (the operators of Pick Pack Pont) if every item is available in stock.
You can pick up your package in Budapest 2 workdays after you placed an order, and 3 workdays if you ordered it to somewhere else.

Important! You will have to identify yourself for the safety of your delivery!

2. Posta Pont or Package Machine (Csomagautomata in Hungarian)

If you choose Posta Pont delivery, you can pick up your order at more than 2550 post offices, 125 MOL gas stations or in one of the Posta Package Machines!

Advantages of Posta Pont delivery:

  • The most extensive network of Hungary!
  • You might have other errands in the post office or at the gas station so you can save time by multitasking.
  • We notify you via text message or email about the arrival of your package.
  • You can pick up your order for 10 workdays after it arrived.

Pricing of Posta Pont delivery:


  0 - € 52,63 € 52.64 - € 87.72 more than € 87.73
0-20 kg € 2.42 € 1.37 FREE
More than 20 kg not available for Posta Pont delivery

Time of delivery: Orders on workdays before 14:00 are processed and passed the same day to the Post if every item is available in stock.
You can pick up your package 1 day after the package was passed to the Post.

Where are Posta Ponts in Hungary? You can see all the Posta Ponts on this map:


What is a Package Machine?

There are several Package Machines (Csomagautomata in Hungarian)  of the Hungarian Post on frequented places of cities.

Package Machines have a screen, control panel and several compartments for the packages. You won't have to stand in a queue, because the takeover is quick: you only need to type in the code that was sent to you and your phone number. They are comfortable, because they are available 24 hours a day.

If you chose to pay collect on delivery, the compartment will open after the debit card payment.

3. Courier service

You can ask for home delivery by courier service. The cost of the delivery varies according to weight and the value of the order:

Advance payment and payment with online debit card:
0- €52.63 €52.64-€87.72 More than 87.72
0 - 30 kg € 3.12 € 1.74 FREE
30 - 40 kg € 4.54 € 3.14 Ft
More than 40 kg + € 0.19 / kg

Time of delivery: We offer 1 day delivery by courier service. The orders placed on workdays before 14:00 are processed and passed to Sprinter Kft., our courier service, if every item is available on stock. The courier service is bound to deliver the packages the next day. If you chose to pay in advance, then the package will be passed only after the payment arrived.

4. Personal pickup at our stores and partners

You can also pick up your order at our shops and at our partner in Székesfehérvár. Personal pickup is free!

Our shops:
Zöldbolt shop in Veszprém - Choose "Free pick up in Veszprém":

58 Budapest Road
8200 Veszprém, Hungary
Opening times: Monday-Friday 9:00-18:00
Saturday: 10:00-13:00
Phone number: +36 20 462 6901 (in opening hours)

Map and details >>>

Zöldbolt shop in Budapest - Choose "Free pick up in Budapest":

35 Kiss János altábornagy Street
1126 Budapest, Hungary
Opening times: Monday-Friday: 10:00-19:00
Saturday: 10:00-14:00
Phone number: +36-20-916-3275

Map and details >>>

You can pay with debit card in our shops!

Our partner in Székesfehérvár:

Királykút Gyógynövény szaküzlet (Királykút Herb Shop)

18 Királykút lakónegyed

8000 Székesfehérvár, Hungary (The shop is along the Berényi Road, next to the grocery store)

Opening hours: Monday-Friday: 8:30-18:00 Saturday: 8:30-12:00

Attention! We deliver packages to our partner in Székesfehérvár once a week (mostly on Thursdays), so you might have to wait a few days before the order can be recieved!