Kost Kamm hairbrush cleaner brush

Kost Kamm hairbrush cleaner brushKost Kamm hairbrush cleaner brush

Small brush for cleaning natural hairbrushes or combs.

Wooden brush with bristles.

Size: 7,5x4x1 cm.

Made in: Germany
Packaging: 1 pc
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Product description

How to clean your natural hairbrush? 

Clean your hairbrush regularly. Frequency depends on hair type and usage. Remove hair that is left amongst the bristles, use a hairbrush cleaner device or a comb. After that remove fluff from the root of the bristles with running water and soap with a dedicated hairbrush cleaner brush, or a nailbrush.

Do not rinse your hairbrush, because water can soak into the wooden parts, even if you soak only the bristles. After a quick soapy wash, wipe the brush, and then dry it at a well aerated spot.

Instead of soap you can also use shampoo or sodium bicarbonate. 

Do not dry your hairbrush on the sunshine or with a hairdryer. Wood does not react well to sudden temperature change. 

If you pay attention to the above cautions, you can enjoy your all-natural hairbrush for a long time.

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Environmental information


Recyclable PP plastic foil and paper. Please recycle after use!

Environmental advantages:

A biodegradeable, compostable hairbrush cleaning brush. It helps maintain and clean your natural hairbrush, and extend its lifespan. Natural hairbrushes and wooden combs are an alternative to plastic hairbrushes and combs.

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