Redecker Wide Tooth Detangling Afro Comb

Redecker Wide Tooth Detangling Afro CombRedecker Wide Tooth Detangling Afro Comb

Extra-wide tooth detangling comb.

Recommended for afro, curly, long, tangled hair.

Durable, high quality German product.

Manufacturer: Redecker
Made in: Italy
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Product description

If you have curly, afro or easily tangled hair this comb is perfect for you!

Material: Waxed wood from a European sustainably managed forest. 

Size: 9 cm long, 7 cm wide.

To preserve its quality always keep it in a dry place, and let it air dry if it gets wet.

Why wooden combs are better?

- it is a biodegradable material
- it is gentle on the skin, and its polished surface has a soft touch.
- it spreads the natural oils of the scalp on the whole hair, which can nourish it better
- it's non-static

Redecker is a German family business founded in 1935.  Their high quality, all-natural, artisian brushes and other products are perfect for those who want to avoid plastic and try to achieve a zero waste lifestyle.

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Environmental information


Package-free product.

Environmental advantages:

Biodegradable and compostable comb made of wood. Zero waste, all-natural, vegan alternative of plastic combs and detangler brushes.

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