Wooden Comb - Coarse Teeth - Mini

Wooden Comb - Coarse Teeth - MiniWooden Comb - Coarse Teeth - Mini

Comb made of biodegradable, natural material.

The wood comes from a sustainably managed German forest.

100% natural and vegan alternative of commercial combs.

Made in: Germany
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Product description

This natural material comb helps in hair care, massages the scalp with its blunt teeth, and is also no static.

Size: 10 cm wide

The wood combs are finely sanded, polished without oil or lasure.

The wood comes from a German sustainably managed forest.

Why wooden combs are better?

- it is a biodegradable material
- it is gentle on the skin, and its polished surface has a soft touch.
- it spreads the natural oils of the scalp on the whole hair, which can nourish it better
- it's non-static

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Environmental information


Recyclable PP plastic foil and paper. Please recycle after use!

Environmental advantages:

Biodegradable, compostable comb, made of wood from a sustainably managed forest. It is a natural and vegan alternative of commercial combs.