Green clay (dark)

Green clay (dark)Green clay (dark)

100% mineral, mechanically sourced, high-quality french clay for cosmetic use.

Fine grained, dark green mineral clay, especially for combination/oily skin.

Great in face masks and in soaps.

Manufacturer: MosóMami
Made in: France
Packaging: 100 g
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Product description

Clays have been used for cosmetic and medical reasons for ages. They have exfoliating and cleansing effect. It absorbs oil, dirt and toxins from the pores of the skin. The different colors contain the vulcanic minerals to various degree, so they have diverse effect on the skin. So you should choose between the various colors of clay according to your skin type, and your skin and body will be fresh, young and glowing.

Clay can be used as a mask or peeling, you can put it in the bath. They are perfect for tinting bath bombs and home-made makeup. Also beneficial for body wrapping, and can be put into soaps, but the color may not last in the alkalinity.

This clay is the most popular type: Montmorillonite. It is named after the picturesque French town where it was discovered in 1847. Contains enzymes that are important for the human body, and that stimulates the production of beneficial enzymes. It has high percentage of magnesium, copper, silicon, sulfur, selenium and other ions in it, as well as fitonutrients that makes it useful in therapy. Especially recommended for oily skin.

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More information

Ingredients: montmorillonit-illite

(Illite is a clay mineral that is rich in calcium carbonate, but has less magnesium in it, so it is more cleansing. Smectite: Mainly, it promotes excretion of toxins, and montmorillonite is a group of smectites: Most popular is green french clay, that contains minerals that promotes enzyme production of the body.)

Chemical composition: SiO2: 55,47%, AlsO3: 18,64%, MgO: 4,01%, Fe2O3: 6,35%, Na2O: 1,1%, CaO: 1,93%, K2O: 3,66%, MnO: 0,15%

Environmental information


Recyclable LDPE plastic. Please recycle!

Environmental advantages:
Natural, mineral ingredient for home made skin care products and soaps.
If you choose to make your own cosmetics, you can create natural products, without any mineral oil, synthetic fragrances and preservatives.
Making your own soap at home, means you can use natural, irritant and preservative free toiletries and cleaning products. Also using soap results in much less waste.
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