Ground cocoa butter - unrefined - 100 g

Ground cocoa butter - unrefined - 100 gGround cocoa butter - unrefined - 100 g

100% unrefined ground cocoa butter in a jar.

Cocoa butter is ideal for sunscreens, a great body lotion, and as a cream base.

Manufacturer: MosóMami
Made in: Ghana
Packaging: 100 g
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Product description

Unrefined cocoa butter with characteristic cocoa scent. Doesn't contain any additive.

Apply in case of:

Dry skin: Cocoa butter absorbed to the skin slowly, long-lasting moisturizer.

Eczema: Reduces the symptoms of eczema, prevents the recrudesce of it by its natural moisturizing effect.

Psoriasis: Eases the symptoms of psoriasis quickly and for a long time.

Sunbathing: It has a sunscreen effect, the SPF is 5-7.

Shaving: It calms irritated skin after shaving.

Callus: Skin softening, helps healing of chapped skin.

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Environmental information


Recyclable PP jar. Please recycle!

Environmental advantages:

Natural, plant ingredient for home made skin care products and soaps.

If you choose to make your own cosmetics, you can create natural products, without any mineral oil, synthetic fragrances and preservatives.

Making your own soap at home, means you can use natural, irritant and preservative free toiletries and cleaning products. Also using soap results in much less waste.

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