Organic Macadamia oil

Organic Macadamia oilOrganic Macadamia oil

Unrefined luscious oil with sweet and nutty scent.

Great skin and hair cherishment on its own and in home made creams and soaps.

Manufacturer: MosóMami
Made in: Morocco
Packaging: 110 ml
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The fatty acid composition of macadamia oil is very much similar to the human skin's protective layer. Softens and smoothes, regenerates dry, scaly, inflammation-prone skin.

Apply on the cleansed skin in the morning and at night, massage in gently.

To condition battered hair and split ends, apply a small amount before drying the hair.

One of the antioxidants in macadamia nut oil, squalene, is somewhat rare and has a particularly strong impact on our skin. Squalene is a naturally occurring antioxidant in our body, but adding more through macadamia nut oil can help reduce oxidative stress on the body’s fats and the skin, helping to prevent wrinkles, age spots, slow healing rates, and other signs of aging.

Macadamia nut oil can be a wonderful way to moisturize the skin on a daily basis, particularly for those who regularly shave. Rather than using traditional shaving oils, the smooth, anti-inflammatory nature of macadamia nut oil can help soothe the skin and moisturize it at the same time, leaving smooth, healthier skin behind.

The rich acid content of macadamia nut oil also makes it beneficial for your hair; mixing it into natural shampoos can help to increase the shine and health of your hair, and strengthen the follicles in their beds, reducing hair loss. You can also make natural lip balm with macadamia nut oil and beeswax to significantly boost the appearance and health of your lips; the rapid healing properties help chapped lips very quickly and reduce any inflammation in sores or wounds.

Certified organic farming.

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Ingredients (INCI): Macadamia integrifolia seed oil

Environmental information


Recyclable PET jar. Please recycle!

Environmental advantages:

Natural, organic plant ingredient for home made skin care products and soaps.

If you choose to make your own cosmetics, you can create natural products, without any mineral oil, synthetic fragrances and preservatives.

Making your own soap at home, means you can use natural, irritant and preservative free toiletries and cleaning products. Also using soap results in much less waste.