Pure panthenol a.k.a. provitamin of B5.

Increases the moisture content of the skin, calms and heals wounds.

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Made in: EU
Packaging: 20 ml, glass
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Product description

Panthenol is the provitamin of B5, that is very important for cell metabolism and lipid synthesis. It transforms into pantothenic acid in the skin, and makes its important pyhsiological impact.

Appropriate lipid synthesis is indispensable for constant renewing of the skin's protective layer. If this lipid barrier loosenes up, then the skin will dry out because of evaporation and dehydration, and it will be more prone to inflammation and infection. Panthenol moisturizes, becuse it helps the lipid production, so the skin will get fuller, firmer and softer. When combined with glycerol, the effect will add up.

It is proven that panthenol reduces the irritation caused by UV radiation and chemicals (like SLS). It is often used in sunscreens and after sun treatments, diaper creams. Suitable for sensitive and baby skin too.

In hair care (shampoo and balms) it coats and moisturizes dry, split hair, helps flexibility and combing. Also absorbs into the scalp, and moisturises it.

Panthenol helps skin formation, reduces scarring, anti-inflammatory. Valuable ingredient in wound and burn healing balms and creams.

Use it in:

  • moisturizing creams, body lotions, cleansers, shower gels.
  • hair care products, shampoos and combing balms.
  • cosmetics against irritated, sensitive skin, diaper creams, after-sun creams
  • skin forming, wound healing creams and balms.


  • moisturizing
  • firming
  • antiinflammatory
  • wound healing
  • skin calming

Processing: Thick liquid, colorless and sticky. Water soluble, dissolves well in alcohol and slightly in glycerol. Moderately mixes with oils. Heat sensitive, so you should mix it in the products when they cooled down to body temperature.

Dosage: for moisturizing - 1-3%, for skin calming - 2-5%, for hair care - 0,5-1%

Outwardly! Cosmetic ingredient.

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Ingredients (INCI): Panthenol

Outwardly. Cosmetic ingredient.

Environmental information


Recyclable and reusable glass. Please recycle!

Environmental advantages:

Natural, plant ingredient for home made skin care products.
If you choose to make your own cosmetics, you can create natural products, without any mineral oil, synthetic fragrances and harmful preservatives.