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Aromax Biola Organic Cosmetics LTD. Helen aroma manufactory
Eco labels
Made in Hungary Not tested on animals Palm oil free Vegan

The essential oils we offer are 100% pure plant based oils.

We recommend them for evaporation, air-freshening, aromatic bathing, aromatherapy, in all-natural DIY skin care products, and for cleaning.

You can read detailed information and instructions by clicking on the products.

Are you interested in making your own skin care product from natural oils? Read our article about the basics of DIY cosmetics.

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Aromax Anti-cellulite massage oilAromax Anti-cellulite massage oil
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Helen Massage oilsHelen Massage oils
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€4,1 €4,1/pc(s)
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Naturissimo Oxi muscle massage oilNaturissimo Oxi muscle massage oil
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€18,2 €18,2/pc(s)
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