Redecker Soap Pouch for Soap Remains

Redecker Soap Pouch for Soap RemainsRedecker Soap Pouch for Soap Remains
Redecker Soap Pouch for Soap RemainsRedecker Soap Pouch for Soap Remains

Use up all the soap remains easily!

100% natural, biodegradable 30% sisal - 70% cotton sack.

For handwashing, massage and peeling.

It is also a great alternative of plastic bath sponges.

Manufacturer: Redecker
Made in: Germany
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Product description

If you are using bar soaps, you've probably experienced that using up remains isn't easy. This soap pouch solves this exact problem. Collect leftover soap and use them up for washing hands, exfoliating, or massage during a bath. The massage with this pouch stimulates circulation, helps your skin and you can get a spa experience at home.

Tip: If you have a stained clothing item, you can put ox gall soap in the pouch and scrub the stain even more effectively.

Material: 30% sisal - 70% cotton sack, cotton string. Sisal derives from the leaf fibres of the Mexican sisal palm. Its resistance makes it ideal for the manufacture of mats and massage gloves. It is not suitable for producing brushes.

Size: 11x12,5 cm

Redecker is a German family business founded in 1935.  Their high quality, all-natural, artisian brushes and other products are perfect for those who want to avoid plastic and try to achieve a zero waste lifestyle.

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Environmental information


Recyclable PP plastic bag and paper label. Please recycle after use!

Environmental advantages:

This natural, biodegradable pouch helps using up soap remains.

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