Replacable head toothbrush - with plastic bristles

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Replacable head toothbrush - with plastic bristlesReplacable head toothbrush - with plastic bristles

Replacable head toothbrushes with plastic bristle.

It creates less waste, because only the head gets thrown out.

Made of BPA-free plastic.

Manufacturer: Monte-Bianco
Made in: Germany
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Product description

With replacable head toothbrushes you can do something for the environment. It results in less waste, than completely disposable brushes. After the head wears out, you can keep the handle and replace.

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More information

The bristles and the handles are made of recyclable polypropylene plastic.

Environmental information


Recyclable PP plastic and paper. Please recycle!

Environmental advantages:

We produce less waste with replacable head toothbrushes than with completely disposable ones. Only the head ends up in the garbage, you can keep the handle and replace the head.