Washable textile face mask

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Washable textile face maskWashable textile face mask
Washable textile face maskWashable textile face maskWashable textile face mask

Reusable, washable, sanitizeable textile face mask.

Made of 100% cotton textile, with rubber stripes. Three layers.

It is recommended to be used outside of the healthcare, for average daily tasks, for example visiting the shop or going for a walk.

The face masks helps prevent the transmission of airborne diseases. It is highly effective in preventing the spread via air droplets or saliva and gives some protection from being contaminated.

Produced in Hungary.

Made in: Hungary
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Product description

Reusable face mask, covering nose and mouth. Only protects against solid or non-volatile compounds.

Material: 100% cotton textile, with rubber stripes.

For multiple use, do not wear the same mask for more than 4 hours, change every 4 hours if possible.

It is recommended to wash and sanitize the mask after every use. The mask is suitable to lower the risk of transmission, not for medical use!


  • Put on the mask and place the rubber stripes on your ears.
  • Make sure that your nose and mouth are covered, and the bottom of the mask is under your chin.
  • Verify, using both hands that the mask fits well.

Recommended sanitizing:

Wash at 60°C or use a sanitizing detergent for washing. You can also iron the mask, except the rubber stripes.

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Environmental information


Recyclable PE plastic bag. Please, recycle!

Environmental advantage:

Reusable face mask, made in Hungary. A local, reusable alternative to disposable masks. Made of 100% cotton textile.