GalaktivBio Tick repellent spray

GalaktivBio Tick repellent sprayGalaktivBio Tick repellent spray

An insect repellent made of completely natural ingredients.

Made in: Hungary
Packaging: 100 ml
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Product description
Effective against biting insects, like mosquito, tick, wasp, horsefly.

Natural active agents and excipients

Until now, protection against insect bites meant using toxic and irritant repellents on our skin. The active agent in GalaktivBio products is the natural botanic extract of Lemon Eukalyptus: p-Menthane-3,8-diol (Citriodiol). All other ingredients (scents, preservatives) are completely natural: like lemon oil, coconut oil, etc. Because ticks are more agressive and dangerous for humans, the tick repellent has double amount of active agent than the mosquito repellent. It doesn't have any toxic effect on humans and animals. It is safe to use for pregnant woman and babies older than 3 months. Thanks to the pleasant vegetable oils, the product is also nourishing the skin. For more effective protection you can also spray it on your clothes, it won't stain them.

Proven effects

The GalaktivBio tick repellent protects you for more than 5 hours. It creates a special aura on your skin, that makes it unrecognizable for insects as a food source. We also wanted GalaktivBio to be skin-friendly and effective besides being toxin-free. According to scientific research it qualified "Very good" about being skin friendly, and "Excellent" about the effectivity of repelling insects (Swiss Tropical Institute, Basel).


You can use it when pregnant and breastfeeding. Make sure it doesn't get into the mouth or the eyes. The best method is to spray it on your hands and apply from there, especially if you are applying it on your kids. There is no limit of the use, the product is tolerable for the skin and no side effects are known, you can use it several times a day. Don't use it on cracked, chapped, inflamed skin, or if you have a sensitivity for essential oils. Keep out of reach of children! You can use it on the skin of babies.
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More information

Ingredients: p-menthane-3,8-diol rich botanic oil, Castor oil, Citric acid, Citronellal, Geraniol.

Environmental information


Recyclable HDPE plastic. Please recycle!

Environmental advantages:

Natural essential oil based insect repellent, a skin-friendly and eco-friendly alternative to commercial toxic insect repellents.

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