Stadelmann's baby balm

Stadelmann's baby balmStadelmann's baby balm

Cherishing, calming, relaxing, beneficial. For itching, sensitive skin.

Made in: Germany
Packaging: 70 ml
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Aloe vera, wool wax, jojobawax, thyme, manuka, beeswax, palmarosa, rose, rose hidrolate, geranium, shea butter.

You can read the detailed, full description, use and other tips about the blends in the book of Ingeborg Stadelmann: 'Original Stadelmann Aroma Blends: Essential Oils for Living, Giving Birth, Dying'. The blends are made of compeltely natural ingredients, and the essential oils come from certified organic farming.

The product has Hungarian label.

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Environmental information


Recyclable and reusable glass! Please recycle after use!

Environmental advantages:

All-natural, aromatherapy product made of plants. All used essential oils come from certified organic farming.