Almawin Eco Orange Oil Cleaner Concentrate

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Almawin Eco Orange Oil Cleaner ConcentrateAlmawin Eco Orange Oil Cleaner Concentrate

Great for almost all stains! Extraordinarily efficient, with natural substances!

With orange and lemon essential oils.

Incredible scent - 10 in 1*

Made in: Germany
Packaging: 500 ml
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Undiluted: It removes chewing gum, paint, ink and pen stains, oil, grease, wax, glue and nail polish from textiles. It deactivates bad odours. Textiles should be tested on a discreet place concerning colour and material compatibility and washed after the treatment.

Diluted: After diluted it becomes milk-like. Add 2-4 caps (30-60 ml) to 5 liters of water. It is suitable for all water resistant surfaces. Because of the high dirt and grease dissolving power, sensitive floor surfaces can also be effected. Therefore, please test the material compatibility especially in case of varnished, lacquered, plastic, textile and epoxy surfaces and rubber parts. Wash the clothes as usual after treating the stains.

Incredibly effective, economical and enough for a long time.

Dermatoligically tested. Vegan.

*Recommended use:

1. Natural orange scent for mopping up, cleaning the toilet or the trash bin

2. Oil and soot residues

3. Wine, food and grease stains on clothes

4. Motor oil and tar stains on textile

5. Chewing gum, candle wax and wax stains

6. Ink, glue and nail polish stains

7. Fat and oil stains in the kitchen, on dishes or in the oven

8. Scuff marks on  the floor

9. Died insects on the car

10. Paint, lacquer and rust stains

+ 1 tip :)

For the DIYers out there, we recommend the image transfer technique with the Almawin Orange Oil Cleaner! The image transfer techniqe is an easy way to transfer printed images or texts on textile, wood or other surfaces.

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Ingredients: Natural cedrate-citric-terpenes, Emulsifier on vegetable basis, Saccharoidal surfactants, Alcohol, Herbs extract.


Environmental information


Recyclable PET plastic bottle. Please recycle after use!

Environmental advantages:

Natural, plant-based active substance. It is concentrated, so this amount will last for a long time. It is an alternative to other harmful chemicals.