CYCLE General Surface Cleaner

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CYCLE General Surface CleanerCYCLE General Surface Cleaner

General all-surface cleaner in a recycled plastic bottle. Made of biomass recycled with fermentation. 

This is the first recycled detergent! Made 90% of recycled biomass - waste turns into detergent!

As CYCLE puts it on their website: "We proudly announce that our products are rubbish...

…because they are made of that. 

Vegan, crutelty-free product made in Hungary!

We refill the empty bottle in our stores!

Manufacturer: CYCLE
Made in: Hungary
Packaging: 500 ml
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Product description

Makes dust, limescale and greasy fingerprints disappear. Thanks to its alcohol content it dries very quicly.

You can make a spray or a more dense foam with its spray head. After use only cleanliness and lavender scent remains, provided by the natural lavender essential oil ingredient.

Use: Use as noted on the sticker: spray on the surface you wish to clean and wipe it off with a dry wiőe cloth or paper towel.

Do not use to surfaces sensitive to acidic substances (copper, marble, limestone, granite)!

Store: in original packaging, between 5°C-30°C, with no exposure to direct sunlight.

Ingredients: The biomass is made of bacterial residue, left after the end of water cleaning and filtering. This contains a lot of small particles that are rich in nutrients and carbon and thus provide a good base for creating CYCLE products. A simple but massive mix of acetic acid, propionic acid, butyric acid and water. These organic acids make CYCLE products so effective.

To all this some (less than 5%) plant based surfactants and citric acid are added.

"In order to be fully transparent we admit that our surfactant contains palm oil in a small quantity. It is coming from sustainable farming, yet, believe us, we are looking for an alternative." they state on their website.

How is CYCLE sustainable? 

"We exit the linear economy and stand strong in circular economy. As we se the sustainable product circle starts not at raw materials but at the waste itself. In our case waste is biomass, which is an organic side-product coming from water filtering."

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More information

Ingredients: <5% recycled vinegar acid, <5% citric acid, <5% surfactant, natural lavender and peppermint essential oil, recycled water

Bottle: 100% recycled plastic

Spray lid: Unfortunately this is not recycled plastic as that one is not available on the market so far. If possible, keep the bottle, and have it refilled at your next shopping!

Safety Data Sheet can be downloaded from HERE.

Environmental information


Recyclable PET plastic bottle. Please recycle after use!

Environmental advantages:

Natural, plant-based active substance. It is concentrated, so this amount will last for a long time. It is an alternative to other harmful chemicals.