Redecker Drain Cleaning Brush

Redecker Drain Cleaning BrushRedecker Drain Cleaning Brush

Avoid aggressive, harmful drain cleaner chemicals!

If vinegar and baking soda combined is not enough, you can grip the hair from the drain.

Especially effective when used for prevention: if you use it every now and then, the clogging won't occur.

Manufacturer: Redecker
Made in: Germany
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Product description

What's the eco-friendly solution for a clogged sink?

Most clogged sinks can be unclogged with the combination of baking soda, vinegar and boiling hot water. But from time-to-time more serious clogs can occur, and that is hard to solve with eco-friendly solutions. This is because larger bogs are created mostly consisting of hair. The aggressive chemicals can solve them up, but you might not be comfortable to use them, as they are toxic. We recommend you to prevent those clogs by frequently removing the hair and other contaminations with a brush.

Material: metal wire handle, nylon bristles.

Size: 0,6 cm diameter, 28 cm long.

Redecker is a German family business founded in 1935.  Their high quality, all-natural, artisian brushes and other products are perfect for those who want to avoid plastic and try to achieve a zero waste lifestyle.

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Environmental information


Package-free product.

Environmental advantages:

You can avoid aggressive, toxic chemicals for drain cleaning by preventing clogs with this brush.