LoofCo Washing-Up Scraper

LoofCo Washing-Up ScraperLoofCo Washing-Up Scraper

Made from Coconut Husk.

Long lasting, durable and excellent for scrubbing.

Biodegradable alternative of plastic brushes and scourers.

Manufacturer: LoofCo
Made in: Sri Lanka
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Product description

• An ingenious, traditional use for the outer husk of a coconut.
• Hand carved in Sri Lanka. Approximately 11cm high and 7.5cm wide
• Fits neatly in the hand.  Ideal for removing baked-on food from pans and baking trays without scratching.
• Soak baked-on food in warm water and washing-up liquid. Use the Scraper to lift off food residue.
• The blade-like edge at the front lifts off food residue and the fibrous coir fibresunderneath act like a scrubbing brush.
• After use rinse and hang up to dry from string loop.
• When the bristle-like edge of the Washing-Up Scraper starts to fray, trim with scissors back to a solid edge for months more use.
• Will last for months in normal use and when worn out can be composted

What you should know about coconuts

• The coconut palm tree or Cocos nucifera is known as the “Tree of Life” for its abundance of uses from food & oils to brushes and mats. It is a sustainable, robust resource.
• Coconuts palm trees produce a crop of up to 20 coconuts every month up to 100-200 coconuts a year.
• Coconut fibre (coir fibre) and coconut husks are a 100% natural, renewable & biodegradable by-product of coconut harvesting for the coconut food and oil industry.
• Using Coir fibre and Coconut husk in household products is an environmentally responsible way of utilising a by-product that might otherwise be burnt.
• Coir is the fibrous material found between the hard, internal shell and the outer coat of the matured brown coconut husk. The strong fibre (used for brushes) is separated from the weaker soft fibre (used in mattresses) & coir dust (coco peat).
• Coconut husk is the hard internal shell of the coconut.
• Coir remains stiff when wet, and its hydroscopic properties means that holds liquids well. These fibres also give the coconut husk additional scrubbing power.
• Coir and coconut husk is naturally free of bacteria, plant disease, fungal spores, weeds, seeds and pathogens.

Why choose LoofCo products?

LoofCo has a unique range of pads, brushes & accessories for washing-up, household cleaning & body made of loofah and coconut. Biodegradable & recyclable alternatives to plastic scourers, brushes, exfoliators and sponges. Durable products made from sustainable raw materials. Supports traditional skills, crops and cottage industries while ensuring fair wages. Skilfully hand-made in Sri Lanka and Egypt with natural plant fibres, mainly loofah and coconut. Draws on designs that have been proven over generations. Effective performance.


Traditional: Inspired by cleaning methods that have been tried and tested over generations.
Preserves skills: Helps preserve traditional skills for the future
Hand-made: Skilfully hand crafted in Sri Lanka and Egypt by small producers
Fairly traded: Farmers and production workers are treated fairly with wages and benefits higher than normal rates. No children are employed.
Employment: Provides valuable employment in rural areas.


Renewable raw materials: Coconut and Loofah are fast growing, plant-based resources that absorb CO2 when growing.
Sustainable farming practices: Farmed to the highest environmental standards with respect for the environment.
 Plastic Free: Replaces mass produced non-biodegradable plastic washing-up brushes and pads that end up in landfill or are burnt.
Biodegradable and Recyclable: Loofah and Coconut is 100% biodegradable and can be composted. The metal component of the brushes and cardboard packaging are recyclable.


Work well: effective for washing-up and cleaning needs
Durable: They will last for months which makes them excellent value for money
Great for Skin: Body Loofah is a brilliant at cleaning, exfoliating the skin in the bath and shower
Feel Good Factor: Helps make cleaning and washing-up less of a chore. 

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Environmental information


Recyclable paper label. Please recycle!

Environmental advantages:

A plastic-free, biodegradable, all-natural alternative of plastic sponges.

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