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We offer dishwasing liquids that are biodegradable and free from phosphate, phosphonate, NTA-, EDTA- and chlorine.

The Econut, Sodasan and Iecologic dishwashing soaps don't contain any SLS. Sodasan sensitive is highly recomended for sensitive skin, because it is completely unscented.

You will also find a wide range of certified ecological dishwasing tablets and powders for the dishwasher.

Our eco sponges are made of plants and recycled plastic. The brushes made of natural fibers that will make washing the dishes easier!

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PopularAlmawin dishwasher saltAlmawin dishwasher salt
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Almawin Eco detergent for dishwashers concentrateAlmawin Eco detergent for dishwashers concentrate
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PopularAlmawin Eco dishwasher tabsAlmawin Eco dishwasher tabs
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PopularEco dishwasher powderEco dishwasher powder
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Sodasan Eco dishwasher tabletsSodasan Eco dishwasher tablets
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