Eco dishwasher powder

Eco dishwasher powderEco dishwasher powder

Soluble in water, eco-friendly dishwashing and cleaning powder. Effective in hard water too, excellent degreaser.

- free from phosphate and phosphonate!
- chlorine free!
- bio enzymes!

Will serve cc. 60 dishwashing.

Manufacturer: MosóMami
Made in: Hungary
Packaging: 1200 g
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Product description

For perfect result we recommend pouring vinegar to the rinse aid compartment!

"I have tons of porblems with the "12 in 1" type dishwasher tabs, but the worst is that I can flavour the residual chemicals during lunch... We aren't making dishwasher tablets, because the glue is also harmful..."

Dosage: For 1 load of dishwashing 20 ml powder is needed with the measuring spoon.

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Ingredients: 50-80% washing soda, 10-30% sodium-percarbonate, 5-10% sodium-metasilicate, <1% enzyme.

Environmental information


PP recyclable and reusable plastic bucket. Please recycle after use!

Environmental advantages:

Made in Hungary. Chlorine, phosphate and phosphonate free dishwasher powder.

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