iecologic liquid laundry detergent - orange and lavender scented

iecologic liquid laundry detergent - orange and lavender scentediecologic liquid laundry detergent - orange and lavender scented

Eco-friendly laundry detergent for all kinds of textiles, suitable for washing mashines and washing by hand. Excellent cleaning effect on low temperatures too. Doesn't contain bleach. Scented with lavandin essential oil (hybrid lavender). It is biodegradable and free from phosphate, EDTA, NTA, and GMO, only contains plant-based surfactants. The product wasn't tested on animals.

The 1 L and the 5 L bottles are reffillable in our shops!*
Refill price: 5,44 € /1 liter.
Made in: EU (Hungary)
Packaging: 1 liter
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Product description

The 1 L and the 5 L bottles are reffillable in our shops with laundry detergent!

*Please bring back the formerly bought iecologic laundry detergent bottle, and we refill it in our shop.

Refill price: 5,44 € /1 liter.

This way it's not just cheaper, but you produce less plastic waste too!

(We can only refill the original bottle!)

Concentrated package: 1 L = cc. 4 L conventional laundry detergent, which means that 1 bottle serves 20 loads of clothes. The resuable packaging results in less waste!

Instructions: If your water is hard, you need 100ml detergent per loads (5 L). If the water is extremly hard, adding table salt helps the washing. When washing clothes by hand: 25 ml / 5 l water.

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>30% water, 5 - 15% soap, <5%: anionic surfactants (kernel), nonionic surfactants, (sugar and palm seed oil), Also contains potassium sorbate, sodium gluconate, trisodium dicarboxymethil alaninate, 100% natural perfumes (among others:* organic essential oils of lavendine, orange and tea tree) (linalool, limonene)

Resulting from Organic Farming 0,37% of the total ingredients

Contains linalool, may cause an allergic reaction

98,1%-a teljes összetevők természetes eredetűek.

All ingredients certified by Ecocert.

Environmental information


PE HD recyclable plastic bottle. Please recycle after use!

Environmental advantages:

Certified ecological laundry detergent made in Hungary. Biodegradable, doesn't contain phosphate, EDTA, NTA, or GMO.

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