Indian soapnut shells

Indian soapnut shellsIndian soapnut shells
Indian soapnut shellsIndian soapnut shells

Soapnuts have been used for washing for centuries in India due to their degreasing effect.

It is suitable for all kinds of textiles at 30-40 °C, in washing machines also.

Its active agent is a natural material: saponin, which foams when mixed with water.

From organic farming.

Manufacturer: Zöldbolt
Made in: India
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1 kg - without canvas bag250 g - with canvas bag500 g - with canvas bagtest package
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It doesn't contain any harmful materials (phosphates, surfactants), doesn't irritate the skin, and won't fade textiles. Absolutely eco-friendly because it is a produce of nature, and is a part of the ecosphere.


Put 3-4 soapnut shells in a canvas bag, and put in the washing machine with the clothes without any other laundry detergent. One dosage of soapnuts lasts 2-3 loads of wash before  losing its effect. The clothes will smell neutral. If you like your clothes scented, pour on the bag (or into the fabric softener compartment) a few drops of essential oil or use vinegar and laundry perfume as a fabric softener replacement. After use you can compost the shells.

The soapnuts won't remove stains fully from heavily soiled clothes. In this case it is recommended to use stain remover salt, which you can purchase in our shop. This eco-friendly cleaner is made of sodium percarbonate, which is the combination of washing soda (sodium carbonate) and hydrogen peroxide. While using it, free oxygen comes out of the hydrogen peroxide and resolves into water, this creates its whitening, antiseptic effect and eco-friendly qualities.

500 g soapnut shells last minimum 100-150 loads of wash, while 3 kg laundry detergent only for 30 loads.

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This product has an indefinite shelf life!

Download the USDA and EU organic certifications here: [1. page], [2. page], [3. page]

Environmental information


250 g and 500 g packages: PP plastic bag, 1 kg package: LD-PE plastic bag. Please recycle after use!

The test package is wrapped in the canvas bag.

Environmental advantages:

Free from phosphate, phosphonate and chlorine. 100% biodegradable, pure plant-based laundry detergent.

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