Laundry soap from Orosháza

Laundry soap from OrosházaLaundry soap from Orosháza

Handcrafted laundry soap, wrapped in greaseproof paper.

The weight varies from 450 to 500 g!

Made in: Hungary
Packaging: 450 g
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Product description

"We have been making this homemade soap for six generations, the present recipie has been developed by László Fehér soap maker professional's 80 years of experience, which goes back before the World War II."

How to use the laundry soap?

Washing: For washing machines, dose 2 heaped tablespoon of washing soda and 1 heaped tablespoon of laundry soap grating. For washing below 40°C, resolve these in warm water. As fabric softener we recommend vinegar, and laundry perfume or any essential oil of your choice for scenting!

Stain removing:
Scrub the stain with wet laundry soap depending on the delicacy of the textile, then wash with machine or by hand.
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More information

Ingredients: lye, water, animal fats.

Environmental information


Bidegradable paper wrapping.

Environmental advantages:

Hungarian product, made of natural, harmless, biodegradable, raw materials.
For colors, For whites
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