Washing soda (Sodium Carbonate)

Washing soda (Sodium Carbonate)Washing soda (Sodium Carbonate)
Washing soda (Sodium Carbonate)Washing soda (Sodium Carbonate)

Washing soda (Sodium carbonate) is a phosphate-free, eco-friendly cleaner, which can be found in nature.

Suitable for machine and hand washing, and as an all-purpose cleaner due to its degreasing effect.

Manufacturer: Zöldbolt
Made in: Germany
Packaging: 500 g
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Washing soda is suitable for washing machines and washing by hand. You can use it on its own, or mixed with a bit less of your regular laundry detergent. Washing soda is excellent at degreasing, so it can be used as an all-purpose household cleaner.

Laundry: For a 5 kg  load of clothes, pour 120-180 ml (depending on the dirtiness) into the laundry detergent compartment. For fabric softening you can use vinegar or citric acid. For scenting your clothes use essential oils or laundry perfume. Washing soda is also suitable for soaking clothes. Mixing it with baking soda increases the cleaning effect, for heavily soiled clothes we recommend using the also eco-friendly stain removing salt (sodium percarbonate).

All purpose cleaning: Dissolve 2 tablespoons of washing soda in 0.5 l of lukewarm water, and use it to clean your stove, tiles, floor, or toilet.

Ingredients: 100% sodium carbonate.

Tip: You can also clean your drain with washing soda. Sprinkle a little washing soda and citric acid in the drain, then pour hot water in it. Let it work for half an hour.

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Ingredients: Sodium carbonate


It has 2 years of shelf life from the packaging date indicated on the product.
Environmental information


PP plastic bag (500 g)/ partially recycled paper (2 kg and 4 kg) / PE-LD plastic sack (25 kg). Please recycle after use!

Environmental advantages:

Sodium carbonate can be found in nature, phosphate-free, biodegradable cleaner, alternative for conventional cleaners and laundry detergents.

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