Wooden Clothespins - 12 pcs.

Wooden Clothespins - 12 pcs.Wooden Clothespins - 12 pcs.

Wooden clothespins for air drying clothes and for other purposes.

100% natural and durable alternative of plastic clothespins.

Skip the energy-wasting dryers, and air dry your clothes!

Made in: Italy
Packaging: 12 pcs./package
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Product description

Who needs an energy-wasting and expensive dryer? The good old fashioned wooden clothespins and clothes line are the green way to go!

12 clothespins in one package.


9 cm x 1,7 cm x 1,1 cm.


Clothespins can do way more than just help clothes stay on the clothes line! Many creative DIY idea is also based on them!

See for yourself:

Zoo made of clothespins



A place to help your socks find their true SOLE mates :)



Picture hanger



Butterfly ornatment

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