Ahimsa laundry perfume

Ahimsa laundry perfumeAhimsa laundry perfume

Recommended to use with unscented eco-friendly laundry detergents for example soapnuts.

You can replace conventional fabric softeners with this concentrated fragnance.

Recommended use: mix 10 drops of laundry perfume with vinegar and pour it in the fabric softener's compartment.

100 ml ~ 150 loads,
10 ml ~ 15 loads

Manufacturer: Tulasi
Made in: Hungary
Packaging: 10 ml
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Product description

We are recommending laundry perfume for washing, because the eco-friendly laundry detergents, like soapnuts or washing soda won't give extra scent to the clothes. The laundry parfume contains materials that help emulsifing the fragnance, which gives long lasting scent to the clothes.


In the washing machine:

Mix 100 ml water/vinegar with 10-20 drops, and pour into the fabric softener compartment of the washing machine!  For softening we recommend vinegar besides the laundry perfume, which also has color fixing qualities.


Mix 100 ml water with 10 drops, and spray it on the clothes!

Air freshener:

Mix 100 ml water with 10 drops pour it in a spray bottle and spray in the air!

Scenting clothes:

Put 4-5 drops of pure laundry perfume on a sachet (scented bag, or some kind of cloth) and put it in your wardrobe.

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More information

Ingredients: 95% perfume oil (natural and nature-identical essential oils), 5 % anionic emulsifier.

Environmental information


Recyclable PET bottle (100 ml) and recyclable glass bottle (10 ml). Please recycle after use!

Envrionmental advantages:

This is an eco-friendly alternative to conventional fabric softeners, but much more substantial, because you only need 10 drops / load. This means waste reduction compared to fabric softeners. Also it doesen't contain cationic surfactants and pigments like other fabric softeners. For softening we recommend vinegar besides the laundry perfume, which also has color fixing qualities.