Felvarrom Redecker
Germany Hungary
Eco labels
100% biodegradable Low waste Made in Hungary Recycled Zero packaging

Choose recycled accessories!

The necklaces and bracelets are the products of Second way, a student business, that launched from the Young Enterprise program of the Alternative Secondary School of Economics.

"The purpose of our enterprise is the stylish recycling of broken objects."

The cell phone cases are made by Old Blue: a business that uses worn out jeans to make beautiful products.

"Approximately one billion jeans are thrown out in the world per year. Our goal is to recycle as much of this amount as possible."

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"Littleboy" upcycled keychain keyholder"Littleboy" upcycled keychain keyholder
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"Vega 1” keyholder made of recycled keychain"Vega 1” keyholder made of recycled keychain
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€1,7 €1,7/pc(s)
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Redecker Key Holder with Mini BrushRedecker Key Holder with Mini Brush
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€6,6 €6,6/pc(s)
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