"TubeStrap" - trousers strap - orange

"TubeStrap" - trousers strap - orange"TubeStrap" - trousers strap - orange
"TubeStrap" - trousers strap - orange"TubeStrap" - trousers strap - orange"TubeStrap" - trousers strap - orange

This bikers trousers strap to protect your trousers from the chain oil marks. Made of recycled / upcycled bicycle inner tubes with colourful textile strips sewn on both sides. They are fastened with (strong) black velcro.

Manufacturer: Felvarrom
Made in: Hungary
Packaging: 1 pc
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Product description

Due to the upcycled material, each piece is unique.

The strap might have a patch from a puncture repair set, or the name of the tyre producer, therefore each product has a slightly different look.

Length: 400 mm / 15.7 inch

Width: about 40 mm / 1.6 inch

Weight: about 40 g, depending on the thickness of the inner tube

Washing: hand wash at maximum 30 °C.

Handmade product, produced in Budapest, made of disposed bicycle parts.

"We collect used bicycle parts and materials from individuals, local bike shops and services, sort and clean them one-by-one. We are resolute in keeping our whole making process sustainable and environmental-friendly. For cleaning bio-degradable substances are used. Remaining materials are also dealt with eco-consciously, deposited selectively at the proper dump."- they state on their website. 

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Environmental information


Package free item.

Environmental advantages:

Felvarrom is collecting unfunctional, disposed bike parts and accessories since 2008. They manually clean, sort and reshape each piece. Between 2008 and 2015 they upcycled 24678 inner tubes, 19399 tyres and 18738 metal pieces and thus saved them from the bin.