Organic cotton towels in several sizes!

10 reasons to use organic cotton:

  1. 25% of the applied insecticides in the world is used for conventional cotton production.
  2. Conventionally grown cotton is sprayed 14 times.
  3. Research says that clothes from 100% conventional cotton are actually containing 10% chemicals, and cheap dark pieces can even have carcinogenic dioxin in them.
  4. The material of organic cotton is from organic farming: organic manure, purely biological pest control, harvested by hand, crop rotation for the rejuvenation of the soil, and no harmful chemicals like pesticides, hebricides, or artificial fertilizer, so these won't accumulate in the clothes.
  5. During the manufacturing of the cotton there isn't any synthetic or chemical textile making process.
  6. Dyed with plant and plant-based coloring.
  7. Doesn't contain heavy metals, or allergenic formaldehyde.
  8. No optical brightener.
  9. Zippers and snaps are free from chrome and nickel.
  10. Very hygroscopic. The antibacterial materials in it are beneficial for sensitive skin and people suffering from allergy.
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