Recycled paper folder

Recycled paper folderRecycled paper folder

100% recycled paper, made in Hungary.

(It can hold circa 70-80 pcs of A4 papers.)

Manufacturer: Zöldbolt
Made in: Hungary
Packaging: 1 pc
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110 pcs
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Product description

The outside is lined for tags, inside you can read useful advices about creating and maintaining an eco-friendly office in hungarian language(!).

Size: 22 x 31,5 cm

The 'Zöldbolt' logo on the cover is a watermark!

Producing each ton of paper requires 417 cubic metres of water, 1,7 tons of wood, 717 kWh energy and other additives. In contrast the manufacturing of grey or brown colored (and more eye-appealing if you ask us) recycled paper only needs 100 cubic metres of water, 1150 kilograms  black-and-white paper and 300kWh energy.

Recycled paper products are reducing the garbage output and creating useful raw materials. Recycling only works smoothly, if new products are made from the reclaimed materials, and if we are willing to buy these goods.

This is the reason why we are promoting and recommending recycled paper!

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Environmental information


Package-free product.

Environmental advantages:

The folder is made in Hungary from Slovakian recycled paper (There isn't any paper mill in Hungary anymore).

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