Block bottom paper bag

Block bottom paper bagBlock bottom paper bag

Food safe block bottom paper bags.

Without tags or patterns.

Made in: Hungary
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105x270+65 mm - 1 pc105x270+65 mm - 1000 pcs160x290+90 mm - 1 pc160x290+90 mm - 1000 pcs
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Product description
The product has a permit from the Hungarian authorities that is suitable for packaging edibles.
Made from 70 g/m2 brown kraft paper.

Two sizes:

105 x 270 +65 mm (widht x height + bottom)
160 x 290 +90 mm (width x height + bottom)

The 105x270+65 version equals the size of a 1 kg flour package.

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Environmental information


Package-free / boxed. Please recycle after use!

Environmental advantages:

Unbleached, biodegradable paper bag.

Suitable for food storage