Grazie Eco Paper Towel, 3-ply tissue

Grazie Eco Paper Towel, 3-ply tissueGrazie Eco Paper Towel, 3-ply tissue

100% recycled Tetra Pak baverage and food packaging.

1 roll of 3-ply natural paper towel.
Soft and absorbent.

EU Ecolabel certified product.

Made in: Italy
Packaging: 150 sheets, 32 m
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Product description

Grazie Natural Ultra Maxi kitchen towel. 100% recycled, without any more trees cut out.

Grazie Natural products are made with a special eco-friendly process, by recycling Tetra Pak packagings.

An average Tetra Pak box is made of 74% cardboard paper or cellulose fiber, 22% polyethylene and 4% aluminum. During the manufacturing process of this paper, all three components are being recycled. The aluminum and the plastic is used by other producers as a raw material for new products. The concept of the manufacturing cycle is zero waste. 

The characteristic champagne color of Grazie Natural papers come from the unbleached fibers of Tetra Pak boxes, the natural color of trees. These fibers make the paper strong, resistant yet soft.

This special process makes Grazie Natural papers equally high in quality as traditional paper products made of primary raw materials.

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Made of 100% recycled paper.

More information about the manufactoring process:

Environmental information


Recyclable PE plastic film. Please recycle!

Environmental advantages:

100% recycled Tetra Pak packaging, EU Ecolabel certified paper product. The production of this paper doesn't require any more trees cut out.