Heat energy recovery shower tray insert

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Heat energy recovery shower tray insertHeat energy recovery shower tray insert

Stainless steel heat recovery shower tray insert. This helps recovering the warm water of showering, so the boiler uses less energy.

This machine reduces the energy consumption of showering by ~45%.

The size of the shower insert is 62x62 cm, so it can be placed in any average shower tray.

Made in: China
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Product description
The heat recovery shower tray is a revolutionary product, that is first introduced in Hungary by Zöldbolt. 

This machine is made of stainless steel and plastic, and preheats cold water with the showering water, so it lessens the heat energy need of showering. According to our measurments, the heat recovery saves 44,7% of the heat energy.

This product is a 62x62 cm sized, square shaped, 6 cm height on the heightest spot, gibbous, stainless steel box, that has to be put directly in the shower tray, then it has to be connected by the connecting stud to the water network. The machine is protected from above by a plastic screen, that massages the foot, and keeps it away from the cooling device. 

The heat recovery shower tray can be attached to the water system two ways: 

1, No remodeling needed method

In this case, the extant tap has to be removed and an annexe has to be put in, so it can be attached to the water system. This way the network cold water first goes through the heat recovery, then flows into the tap, so it mixes preheated to the shower water. The annex looks like this:



The whole thing looks like this after installing:



2. Remodeling needed method

In this case the shower tray insert attaches directly through a cold water stud created for it to the water system. The preheated water has to be attached to the boilers cold water stud. This method requires the remodeling of the plumbing. Attaching can happen directly in line with the tray, this way:


The boiler has to be checked, whether or not it can recieve the preheated water.

The use of heat recovery shower tray insert is more comfortable, if you build in a thermostatic mixing valve.


The heat recovery shower tray is a serious investment, that we recommend by heart, because we researched it thoroughly.

The use of heat recovery shower tray doesn't cause any inconvenience. The only thing to know is that controlling water temperature will require a bit more time, a few seconds till the steel box heat up.
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Environmental information

Environmental advantages:

Saves heating energy, which contributes to reducing carbon emissions.

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