Ecoizm Watersaving faucet aerator / perlator (chrome, external screw bolt)

Ecoizm Watersaving faucet aerator / perlator (chrome, external screw bolt)Ecoizm Watersaving faucet aerator / perlator (chrome, external screw bolt)

Water efficient perlators for household taps - chrome, outside screw-bolt, rubber seal.
(24X1 screw-bolt)

Using these can achieve 60-75-85% water saving.

1,7 liter/minute - saving 85%

3 liter/minute - saving 75%

5 liter/minute - saving 60 %

5 year guarantee! *

Manufacturer: Ecoizm
Made in: Italy
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1,7 liter/minute3 liter/minute5 liter/minute
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Product description
We take it for granted that safe, unlimited clean water flows from taps when we open them. But this may change. Water efficient perlators can reduce our water consumption in a way we almost don't even notice. Because perlators mechanism is that the flowing water is mixed with air, so flowing feels the same, only water consumption drops. Of course if we want to fill a pan, we will notice that it is slower.

An average tap has a flow rate of 12-15 liter / minute. These perlators are reducing that significantly, depending on the type up to 1,7 / 3 / 5 liter / minute. Watch this video to see how it should be installed, and how they work:


Our perlators are special, because they are scale-free, which means they have practically unlimited life span.
In classic perlators scale deposits on the steel net, and it harms the filter. Because of the form of the net, water can remain in them, which helps the spreading of germs.

Unlike those, our perlators are made with plastic instead of steel, that has a higher transmissivity, so it prevents scaling even after a long time. The shape of our perlator's inside transmissive sections helps the fast emptying of water so there is no remaining water either.

If the perlator gets dirty it can be cleaned with a toothbrush.
Here is an example of perlator taps:



The marking color of perlators:
1,7 liter/minute - saves 85% - yellow
3 liter/minute - saves 75% - pink
5 liter/minute - saves 60 % - ocher yellow

* The 5 year guarantee is valid only in case of proper use and cleaning.

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Environmental information


Recyclable paper. Please recycle after use!

Environmental advantages:

It can reduce the water and heat energy consumption, and carbon emissions too.

For the tap
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We are 10 years old!

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