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"Our company, founded in 1984, set the goal to provide living organisms with natural substances that have no side effects, but can help the elimination of waste, strengthen the immune system, and provide essential trace elements. We found these in the Earth's crust, in the rocks and minerals. Internal medicinal powders, tooth powders, body powders, mineral skin pastes, and special bath salts help the protection against digestive, joint,  gynecological, dental and dermatological complaints. The minerals can also work indirectly through the treatment of the soil, in the protection of plants, and in the foraging of animals."

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Derolin - cooking oil purifierDerolin - cooking oil purifier
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Hajtika - Soil-ameliorating mineral compositeHajtika - Soil-ameliorating mineral composite
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The Green Gardener’s Guide

The Green Gardener’s Guide

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Zeolite – All-Natural Solution for Health, Household and Garden

Zeolite – All-Natural Solution for Health, Household and Garden

Would you believe that you can brush your teeth, fertilize your garden, purify your cooking oil, and sooth digestive issues with a single mineral? Wait till you learn all benefits and uses!