Rosemary Leaf Tea

Rosemary Leaf TeaRosemary Leaf Tea

100% Rosemary, Rosmarinus officinalis

Grown in Hungary

Made in: Hungary
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Hungarian herbs, collected and sorted with the expertise of Ferenc Takács horticulturist - medicinal herb specialist.

Rosemary leaf:

Rosemary is a popular culinary herb used for flavouring dishes, and its woody stems are used for grilling as a skewer. In medicine, it is primarily used for rheumatism, muscle pain, back ache, and it also eases the syptoms of the flu and cold, due to its antiviral and antiinflammatory effects. Its watery extract and essential oil is has a mild blood pressure increasing effect. Its consumption is not recommended while pregnant.

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Manufactured by: Gyógynövénytúrák Kft. 8251 Zánka, Ifjúság u. 24/b

Environmental information


Recyclable paper bag. Please recycle after use!

Environmental advantages:

Grown, foraged and packaged in Hungary.