Flour, bran, semolina

Gluten-free Wholegrain
Biogold NaturGold Nagykun
Eco labels
From the producer Made in Hungary Organic

If pesticide-free eating and the health of our planet is important to you, you can choose from a wide range of certfied organic flours!

Diversify your diet by adding new kinds of cereals, so you will eat a wider variety of nutrients!

Experiment with the replacement of refined flour in your favourite dishes, and find new recipies!

Whole grain flours help digestion with their high content of dietary fiber, and they contain more vitamins and mineral substances, because the whole value of the grain is in them.

The milk thistle seed powder, the rice and the grape seed flour are great ways to replace wheat in your recipies!

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BIOGOLD Organic grape seed and peel flour - microgroundBIOGOLD Organic grape seed and peel flour - microground
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PopularNagykun Organic Brown Rice FlourNagykun Organic Brown Rice Flour
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PopularNagykun Organic White Rice FlourNagykun Organic White Rice Flour
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PopularNaturgold Organic spelt semolina - whole grainNaturgold Organic spelt semolina - whole grain
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