BIOGOLD Organic grape seed and peel flour - microground

BIOGOLD Organic grape seed and peel flour - microgroundBIOGOLD Organic grape seed and peel flour - microground

Extremely fine powder, versatile flour. 

Healthy and great for your skin.

Made of the seeds and peel of Cabernet Suvignon grapes grown on the Northern coast of Lake Balaton.

Manufacturer: Biogold
Made in: Hungary
Packaging: 150 g
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Product description

Full of vitamins, mineral substances, antioxidants. Its high fiber content will improve your digestion.

It is a really special mix, as it contains additional grape peels, which are high in valuable polyphenols.

Why choose microgrind?
The particles of this flour are finer than 100 microns. This is important, as the smaller the particles, the easier they are to digest, to eat, and also this makes the nutrients more readily available for absorbtion in the body.

Recommended use: Consume 1-2 teaspoons daily, mixed in hot tea, coffee, yogurt, muesli, smoothies, or substituting 5-7% of regular flower in bread or other dough.

You can blend it with honey or water, and create a refreshing face mask!

Ingredients: Cabernet Sauvignon blue grape seeds and peels*.

*From certified organic farming.

Certified by Biokontroll Hungária Nonprofit Kft.

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More information

Storage recommendation: Keep it in a dry, cool place, protected from light.

Manufacturer: Biogold Natur Kft. 8228, Lovas, Balatoni út 10.
Nutritional facts in 100 g:

Energy: 116 kcal / 487 kJ
Carbohydrate: 11,3 g
Of which sugar: 1 g
Protein: 11,67 g
Fat: 3,96 g
Of which saturated fat: 0,4 g
Sodium: 0 g

Environmental information


Recyclable PP plastic foil and paper box. Please recycle after use!

Environmental advantages:

Natural product from organic farming.