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"Which food can be grown in the house, without soil, can be harvested in a week, and is liked by children, dogs, horses, and husbands alike?

What can supply the whole family with vegetables all year around, no matter the season, and can also reduce our expenses on food?

Which food can be grown easily, without any waste, can be eaten raw or cooked, is delicious on its own, or in exciting recipies?

The answer to these questions is: SPROUTS"

There are some herbs that you can easily grow on the balcony or window sill. If you eat fresh herbs, they won't lose any of their aroma during storage. You will feel the difference! Plant the Rédei herb seed disks, and you will always have fresh basil, chives or parsley on hand!

We recommend you the Bio-Line ceramic seed sprouter, to make the process easier!

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