Natural paints

The majority of our lives is spent indoors, so it is very important, that our houses remain free from harmful chemicals. The paints commonly used for furniture and walls have high quantities of volatile organic compounds. The paints also have effects on our environment from manufacturing, and also at the end of their lifecycle.

The paints we sell:

  • aren’t or just slightly are modified chemically
  • are mostly made of renewable sources
  • don’t change the natural properites of the treated surface
  • are biodegradable
  • have the same results as commercial products
  • have complete ingredient lists, so you can control what goes into your home.

The paints contain renewable, plant, animal and mineral based ingredients, most of which come from organic farming. The natural paints are made of colorings (soil and mineral pigments), fillers (ground limestone, marble flour), binders (natural resins, plant oils, casein, vegetable and animal based waxes), solvents (water, essential oils, alcohol) and excipients (plant based like ammonium soaps or essential oils, and mineral silica).

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