Kreidezeit VEGA Wallpaint

Kreidezeit VEGA WallpaintKreidezeit VEGA Wallpaint

Powdered, easy to use water dilutable wallpaint.

Best choice for indoors instead of dispersion paints. Excellent quality natural and truly baby safe paint with marble flour.

More resistent to water and mechanical demaging than glue bound paints, and also more pervious than dispersion paints, while has the same benefits of indoor climate. Natural product without any preservatives.

Manufacturer: Kreidezeit
Made in: Germany
Packaging: 5 kg
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Product description

Vega Wall Paint contains vegetable casein (vegetable protein) as a binding agent. Italian marble flour gives an unobtrusive, harmonic bright hue of white, without titanium white and optical brighteners. Soda transforms the vegetable casein into glue, the actual binder. Vegetable casein is produced by leguminous plants like peas, corn, lupines, beans. The product is sold in form of a powder, which reduces transportation costs and packaging, enhances the storage time and makes chemical antidegradants unnecessary.

YIELD On even and normal absorbent surfaces approx. 145 g of paint powder per m² per coating Accurate consumption values to be determined on site.


Paint for walls and ceilings in the interior. Suitable for application on absorbent surfaces like plaster, stone, concrete, ingrain- and normal wallpaper, drywalls, fibrous plaster boards Suitable to only a limited extent on old emulsion paint coatings after trial coat with positive result (see "Tips"). Unsuitable surfaces are e.g. old glue-bound distemper coatings, lime coatings, oil paint coatings, latex- and plastic coatings, metal, surfaces with residues of glue and all even, nonabsorbent surfaces as well as permanently humid surfaces. We recommend Kreidezeit Pit Lime Paint for humid rooms.

PREPARATIONS The surface must be solid and clean, absorbent, free of dust, fat and striking-through or colouring substances. - Remove old glue-bound distemper coatings and other chalking or non-coatable coatings. - Remove loose old coatings. Thoroughly wash off glue residues. - Brush sanding surfaces thoroughly. - Remove accumulations of binder and sintered skin from plaster surfaces. - Remove residues of molding oil on concrete surfaces. - Remove loose parts of rabbets and brickwork and repair with similar material. - Striking-through substances on the surface must be blocked with Shellac Shielding Primer. - Treat fungi-affected mineral surfaces with soda leach.

AMOUNT OF WATER Adjust paint/water mixture to suit the surface; i.e. a little more water may be required for a particular application.

Paint roller: 1 kg of paint powder requires 550 ml of water. Dilute with up to 150 ml of water if necessary.

Paint brush: 1 kg of paint powder requires 650 ml of water. Dilute with up to 150 ml of water if necessary.

Very absorbent surfaces and high ambient temperatures during application might require a higher dilution than denoted here.

TINTING 1 kg of Vega Wall Paint can be tinted with all Kreidezeit pigments (max. 100g of pigment per kg of paint powder). Other pigments must be alkali resistant. Stir pigments into the mixing water before mixing the paint. Ensure that all clots are stirred out properly. To gradate, stir pigments in a little amount of water and add to the already mixed paint.

DRYING TIMES Safe to coat after approx. 8 hours, thoroughly dried after approx. 24 hours, each at 20°C and 65% relative humidity.

CLEANING OF TOOLS Immediately after use with water or with slightly soapy water.

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More information

INGREDIENTS: Marble flour, chalk, vegetable casein, kaoline, lime hydrate, soda, methyl cellulose

Environmental information


Partially recycled paper. Please recycle the empty bag!

Environtmental advatages:

These natural paints are made of regenerative, biodegradable materials, that aren't or just slightly are modified chemically. They are produced eco-friendly, and they don't harm human health. Consisting of solely renewable animal, plant and mineral based ingredients, some of them originate from organic farming. VEGA Wallpaint can be composted!

For indoors
Natural Paints for a Healthier Home

Natural Paints for a Healthier Home

Be careful when choosing a paint, and spend your days in a house without harsh chemicals on its walls!