Kreidezeit Wood lazure

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Kreidezeit Wood lazureKreidezeit Wood lazure

Transparent casein-based wood lazure for wall lazures, brush- / stencil techniques.

Can be tinted with all KREIDEZEIT pigments as well as with other alkali-resistant pigments.

Made in: Germany
Packaging: 100 g
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Suitable for application on all absorbent and coatable plasters and coatings, for example: KREIDEZEIT Casein Marble Paint, Vega Wallpaint, GekkkoSOL Paints, Marble Fibre Render, Lime Paints, Lime Wall Finishes, Brush and Roll-on Plaster.

Unsuitable substrates are all non-absorbent surfaces, glue-bound paints, latex paints, plastic surfaces, metal and wood.

White and reflecting, slightly textured (by brush or trowel) surfaces are ideal to achieve the typical appearance of wall lazures.

PROPERTIES Powder to be mixed with water. Easy to use, matt, diffusible and wiping-resistant and after drying. Free of antidegradants.


1. Mix all the pigments in a little water.

2. Mix the wood lazure ina 5 liter bucket with a mixer powered by a drill. Mix 100 g lazure in 1 liter cold water. Let it rest for 30 minutes, then mix again. If there are lumps, strain it on a kitchen strainer.

3. According to the quality of the base and the desired lazure effect, it has to be diluted differently:

- to cover brush marks, dilute it with 2 liter water.

- to roughly structured base, dilute with 3-4 liter water.

- according to the base, it can be diluted more.

4. Tinting:

Stir the mixed pigments (from step 1) in small portions (use a teaspoon, maximum 10%) into the diluted lazure until the colour has the desired intensity.

Tip: The intensity of the colour can be checked quickly by painting the lazure on a white sheet of paper and using a hair dryer, because the drying process brightens the lazure significantly. Make samples (trial coatings) on original surface material to evaluate the exact hue.


Unlimited possibilities. Create your individual surface by using brush, cloth, sponge for wiping, sweeping, spotting. We recommend a crosswise application with a brush. Avoid horizontal and vertical application (chess board appearence !).


- Beginners should practice the application of lazures on trial surfaces first.

- Wiping back and forth for too long e.g. on casein-bound paints and -plasters can roughen the surface so that the lazure effect gets lost. We recommend working fast while applying the lazure.

- Pour the mixture through a colander if the Wall Glaze Binder still contains clots after expanding time and dilution.

DRYING TIMES A second layer of lazure can be applied after approx. 4 hrs at 20ºC. The coating has dried thoroughly after 24 hrs.

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Ingredients: Casein, methilcellulose, silicic acid, borax.

Environmental information


Metal box or bottle. Please recycle after completely empty!

Environtmental advatages:

These natural paints are made of regenerative, biodegradable materials, that aren't or just slightly are modified chemically. They are produced eco-friendly, and they don't harm human health. Consisting of solely renewable animal, plant and mineral based ingredients, some of them originate from organic farming.

Natural Paints for a Healthier Home

Natural Paints for a Healthier Home

Be careful when choosing a paint, and spend your days in a house without harsh chemicals on its walls!