Kreidezeit Paint Stripper Paste

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Kreidezeit Paint Stripper PasteKreidezeit Paint Stripper Paste

Paint stripper for paints and lacquers containing oil and most laquers containing alkyd resin.

Manufacturer: Kreidezeit
Made in: Germany
Packaging: 1 kg
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Product description

This is an eco-friendly alternative to harmful paint strippers. Highly alkaline, several times reusable pit lime soft soap. All ingredients from natural sources.

APPLICATION Paint stripper for paints and lacquers containing oil and most laquers containing alkyd resin. Unsuitable for acrylic lacquers. Wood with a lot of tanning agent (e.g. oak tree) can be darkened.

USAGE Stir Paint Stripper Paste. Apply evenly by spatula at a thickness of 2 - 3 mm. When the coating starts coming off, turn the paste and spread again evenly. After a sufficient residence time, take off paste by spatula and put back into the container.

RESIDENCE TIME 10 minutes to several hours, according to the type and strength of the material to be stripped. The paste is effective when its color turns oily brown. Because the paste can only be active in a humid condition, it should be covered with plastic foil during longer residence times to protect the paste from desiccation.

AFTER TREATMENT (NEUTRALISATION) Wash the wooden surface thoroughly with water or water with vinegar using sponge or brush. Let dry and then treat with plenty of household vinegar (5 % of acetic acid) to neutralise the surface. Nonneutralised residues of leach can damage subsequent oil and resin coatings.

TIPS: If the Paint Stripper Paste is too thick after repeated usage, it can be thinned again in the container by stirring with a little water. Check effectiveness of the paint stripper frequently during application and remove paste as soon as the coating is coming off. Do not exceed required residence time (e.g. several days). There is danger that the leach permeates deep into the wooden surface and can not be neutralised sufficiently.

YIELD Approx. 0.4 m² per litre at a layer thickness of 2 - 3 mm, but several times reusable!

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INGREDIENTS: Pit lime, soft soap, caustic potash solution, xanthane, fermentation alcohol.

Environmental information


Recyclable PE jar. Please recycle, after completely empty!

Environtmental advatages:

These natural paints are made of regenerative, biodegradable materials, that aren't or just slightly are modified chemically. They are produced eco-friendly, and they don't harm human health. Consisting of solely renewable animal, plant and mineral based ingredients, some of them originate from organic farming.