Kreidezeit Primer Base Oil

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Kreidezeit Primer Base OilKreidezeit Primer Base Oil

For treating and priming indoor and outdoor surfaces (wood, cork, rock), before applying KREIDEZEIT lazure and stand oil paints.

Single treatment for less stressed surfaces in the interior (wood, cork, stone), e.g. wall panels and furniture.

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Product description

Kreidezeit Base Oil is a traditional mixture of about 50% Linseed Oil Varnish and 50% Balsamic Turpentine Oil. Linseed oil ensures a deep penetration and lining of even the smallest wood pores thanks to a small molecule size (approx. 50 times smaller than synthetic resin). This ensures an excellent linking with subsequent oil coatings.


Single treatment for less stressed surfaces in the interior (wood, cork, stone), e.g. wall panels and furniture. Primer for subsequent coatings with Kreidezeit Oil Lazures or Stand Oil Paints in the interior and exterior.


Linseed oil, balsamic turpentine oil, linseed stand oil, tung stand oil, lead-free drying agents


- diffusible, antistatic, “warm” surface

- transparent, honey tinge

- emphasizes the wood grain

- easy to apply, easy to repair

- excellent permeation

- resin-free

- resistant to saliva and perspiration acc. to DIN 53160

- does not tear or embrittle

- dirt- and water repellent

- long “open” processing time


The surface must be untreated, clean, dry, free of fat, chemically neutral and absorbent. Application and drying temperature at least 10 °C for at least 48 hours. We recommend applying a trial coat on a concealed spot to evaluate possible colour changes of the surface. Base Oil must not be poured onto the surfaces!!!

1. Preparations

Clean and grind (P 80 - P 120) untreated wood, round off edges and dedust.

2. Sequence of Coatings

- As a primer, Kreidezeit Base Oil is applied once.

- As single treatment, the product is applied two times, let the first layer dry before applying the second layer. Grinding might be necessary before application of the second layer. The second layer of Base Oil is to be applied very sparingly. Apply Kreidezeit Base Oil evenly. After a residence time of approx. 20 minutes (at 20° C), polish the whole surface thoroughly with a dry, lint free cotton cloth until the treated surface shows an even, silky-matt appearance. Thoroughly remove all surpluses when polishing the surface, they could lead to glossy and sticky spots. Kreidezeit Base Oil should penetrate completely into the wood and must not form a layer on the wood.

3. Intermediate Grinding (optional)

An intermediate grinding is only necessary if wood fibres have erected after the first coating and the surface is rough after drying. Intermediate grinding with sand paper P 100 - P 180 in direction of the fibres. Dedust thoroughly after grinding

Drying Times:

Dry and safe to overwork after 24 hours at 20 °C at 60 % relative humidity. High humidity, coldness, surfaces containing tannin (oak etc.) and too thick layers can increase the drying time significantly. The complete hardening process takes approx. 4 weeks, treat surfaces gently during this time.


According to absorbency of surface: approx. 0.070 - 0.100 litres / m² per coating. Accurate consumption values to be determined on site.


Discolouring may occur in areas with low natural light. Iron filings on the surface which are not removed can lead to discolouring when overcoated with Base Oil.

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Environmental information


Metal bucket. Please recycle after emptying!

Environtmental advatages:

These natural paints are made of regenerative, biodegradable materials, that aren't or just slightly are modified chemically. They are produced eco-friendly, and they don't harm human health. Consisting of solely renewable animal, plant and mineral based ingredients, some of them originate from organic farming.