Kreidezeit Stand oil paint

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Kreidezeit Stand oil paintKreidezeit Stand oil paint

Durable, long-lasting matt cover coat for indoors and outdoors.

Diffusable, flexible alternative to acrile and alkyd resin paints.

Covering coating for untreated wooden surfaces in the interior and especially in the exterior: windows, doors, panels, beams and childrens toys!

Baby safe! Resin-free and solvent-free!

Manufacturer: Kreidezeit
Made in: Germany
Packaging: 0,375 liter
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Product description

Kreidezeit Stand Oil Paint is free of resin. Thus, the coating does not tear, chip or flake. Because of the good diffusion capabilities of the Stand Oil Paint the transport of humidity from inside the wood to the environment is ensured. The wood is protected from decay and wetness. The contained zinc white as an „active pigment“ enhances the weather resistance of the coating. The pigmentation of the paint is done solely with lightfast and weatherproof mineral pigments. Stand Oil Paint stays elastic and weathers superficially by and by, while the coating beneath stays intact. This makes renovations easy: just cleaning and overcoating.

YIELD / CONSUMPTION 12 - 16 m² / Litre, Consumption: 0.06 - 0.08 Litres / m² per coating, according to the absorbency of the surface. Accurate consumption values to be determined on site

DILUTION High ambient temperatures, absorbent or slightly rough surfaces might require a dilution of the Stand Oil Paint. Dilute the Stand Oil Paint with 5 to 15 % of Balsamic Turpentine.

STORAGE If stored cool, dry, airtight and above 0°C, the Stand Oil Paint can be kept for at least 2 years.

APPLICATION Covering coating for untreated wooden surfaces in the interior and especially in the exterior: windows, doors, panels, beams. Also suitable for treating steel and zinc. Overcoating of old oil paint and alcyde resin paint coatings is possible, but with the exclusion of any warranties.


- Ready to use

- Covering and glossy

- Resin-free and elastic

- Weatherproof and UV-resistant

- Low maintenance

- "High solid", the proportion of solid particles is more than 85 %, under-runs the limits of the VOC compliance

- Suitable for the treatment of toys (in accordance to DIN EN 71, part 3)

- Resistant to saliva and perspiration acc. to DIN 53160

DRYING TIMES Approx. 24 – 48 hrs at 20°C and 65% relative humidity. High humidity, low temperatures and surfaces containing tannic acid (oak) increase drying times.

This paint is available in several colors. For color samples click here.

Other colors can be mixed, download them here.

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More information

INGREDIENTS: Linseed oil, linseed standoil, tung stand oil, balsamic turpentine, zinc white, talcum, silicic acid, clay, quartz, leadfree drying agents (cobalt, zirconium, calcium, manganese drying agents), pigments according to the color: titanium white, iron oxide-yellow, -red, -brown, -black, nickel titaniumyellow, -orange, spinel blue, chrome green, red ochre.

Environmental information


Recyclable metal. Please recycle clean and empty!

Environtmental advatages:

These natural paints are made of regenerative, biodegradable materials, that aren't or just slightly are modified chemically. They are produced eco-friendly, and they don't harm human health. Consisting of solely renewable animal, plant and mineral based ingredients, some of them originate from organic farming.