Kreidezeit Stand oil Plus

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Kreidezeit Stand oil PlusKreidezeit Stand oil Plus

The most durable and long-lasting silky shine coat with natural colors that can be mixed.

Diffusable, flexible alternative to acrile and alkyd resin paints.

Covering coating for untreated wooden surfaces in the interior and especially in the exterior: windows, doors, panels, beams and childrens toys!

Baby safe! Resin-free!

More lasting than lazures!

Manufacturer: Kreidezeit
Made in: Germany
Packaging: 0,375 liter
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Product description

Kreidezeit Stand Oil Paint plus is free of resin. Thus, the coating does not tear, chip or flake. Because of the good diffusion capabilities of the Stand Oil Paint the transport of humidity from inside the wood to the environment is ensured. Oil paints doesn't hold back diffusion, so the humidity can leave from the wood, and this protects from rotting. The contained zinc white as an „active pigment“ enhances the weather resistance of the coating. The coat doesn't peel or chip, the flexible surface wears off gradually, and the inner layer stays untouched, so it can be renovated easily with one recoating.

Acrile and alkide resine coatings are frequently used because they dry quickly and are easy to use, but they have their disadvantages. They can lead to early demaging, due their high quantities of artificial waxes, because they don't provide diffusion. This results in chipping, rotting and high costs of renovation.


Cover coating for interior and exterior: windows, doors, panels, beams and children's toys. Also suitable for treating steel and zinc.

Intermediate coating: recommended stand oil paint.

YIELD 0,75 liter paint for 13,5 m2, and 0,375 liter, is enought for 6,75 m2 surface.

How to use?

1. Priming: With KREIDEZEIT Primer oil.

2. Intermediate coating: KREIDEZEIT Stand oil.

3. Final coating: KREIDEZEIT Stand oil PLUS: weather resistent, glossy.


- Easy to use

- Covering and glossy

- Resin-free and elastic

- Weatherproof and UV-resistant

- Low maintenance

- "High solid", the proportion of solid particles is more than 85 %, under-runs the limits of the VOC compliance phase II (effective from 2010)

- Suitable for the treatment of toys (in accordance to DIN EN 71, part 3)

- Resistant to saliva and perspiration acc. to DIN 53160

APPLICATION Covering coating for untreated wooden surfaces in the interior and especially in the exterior: windows, doors, panels, beams. Also suitable for treating steel and zinc. Overcoating of old oil paint and alcyde resin paint coatings is possible, but not recommended, with the exclusion of any warranties.


PREPARATIONS Thoroughly remove old acrylic resin coatings and coatings of undetermined composition. Remove resin galls, do not overcoat. Grind wooden surfaces with sand paper P 100 - P 120 and dedust.

PREVENTATIVE WOOD PROTECTION (OPTIONAL) Treat all uncoated wooden surfaces in the interior and exterior with Boron Salt.

PRIMING Prime all uncoated wooden surfaces with Priming oil. If necessary, grind wooden surfaces after drying with sand paper P 100 - P 120 and dedust.

PAINTING Stir paint thoroughly. Remove any oxidation skin which might be caused by storage, do not mix oxidation skin into the paint. Apply thin and evenly using a brush or a roller. Apply coatings only when prior coat has dried thoroughly. We recommend quality paintbrushes with natural bristles and short-tufted paint rollers.


Intermediate coating with Stand Oil Paint. Final Coating with Stand Oil Paint.

APPLICATION IN THE INTERIOR: The final coating is not necessary. The silky intermediate coating can be applied two times, if desired.

WINDOWS: Coatings on the inside of window frames should be more diffusion-tight than those on the outside (diffusion gradient). This can be achieved by applying one more intermediate coating. Tip: wait at least 24 hours after the last coating to close the windows for the first time. Apply talcum to the window sashes. This prevents the new coatings from sticking. Kreidezeit provides talcum for free as a service.

DILUTION High ambient temperatures, absorbent or slightly rough surfaces might require a dilution of the Stand Oil Paint PLUS. Dilute the Stand Oil Paint with 5 to 15 % of Balsamic Turpentine.

CLEANING AND CARE Stand Oil Paint coatings in the exterior are worth caring for, because then a renovation will not be required for many years. Especially for windows, care is less time-consuming than a renovation.

Cleaning: clean the coatings at least once a year with a soft sponge and water, add some Marseille Soap (Art. 220) if necessary. Care: then, apply a very thin layer of Wood Lazure Exterior on all matt areas (esp. the weather sides) with a soft cloth. Glow and brightness will return. Surfaces that are still glossy do not need any care.

RENOVATION At the latest, a renovation coating is necessary when the coating is very matt and chalking. Clean the surfaces with soapy water (Marseille Soap) and grind glossy areas with sand paper. Renovation coatings are carried out with Stand Oil Paint.

YIELD 12 - 16 m² / Litre.

This paint is available in several colors. For color samples click here.

Other colors can be mixed, download them here.

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More information

INGREDIENTS: Linseed oil, linseed standoil, tung stand oil, balsamic turpentine, zinc white, talcum, silicic acid, clay, quartz, leadfree drying agents (cobalt, zirconium, calcium, manganese drying agents), pigments according to the color: ochre, Terra di Siena, different umbers, titanium white, chrome oxide green, iron oxide black, spinell pigments, nickel titanium yellow.

Environmental information


Recyclable metal. Please recycle completely empty and clean!

Environtmental advatages:

These natural paints are made of regenerative, biodegradable materials, that aren't or just slightly are modified chemically. They are produced eco-friendly, and they don't harm human health. Consisting of solely renewable animal, plant and mineral based ingredients, some of them originate from organic farming.