GalaktivBio parasite stop solution

GalaktivBio parasite stop solutionGalaktivBio parasite stop solution

For cats and dogs.

Made in: Austria
Packaging: 30 ml
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Product description
GalaktivBio parasite stop is a long-term (2 month) effective, natural and quick solution against outside parasites of cats and dogs like ticks, flea and lice. It is really easy to apply: just draw a line from head to bottom with the tincture.

Why are parasites a problem?

Ectoparasites feed on the blood of animals, while they are also spreading diseases. For example flea is putting eggs on the skin of the pet, that can spread in your apartment, becoming dangerous for humans too. Tick can infect your pet with Lyme disease or Babesiosis. Mosquitos can get microeggs in the bloodstream when biting, that can stay there for years, infecting people too. Lice is living on the skin of animals, resulting in itching. Our pets touch the grass on a big surface while walking, so they are more prone to getting tick than humans.

How can you tell if your pet got a infected?

Most importantly unusual and intense scratching, skin and ear inflammation, but in case of ticks sadness, weakness, lack of apetite or fever is possible. GalaktivBio repellent is an answer to these problems, because it can repell parasites from our pets and their favourite lairs. Also, if you choose this solution you won't get even more harmful chemicals into your household.

Dosage according to bodyweight:

3 kg - 1 ml
3-8 kg - 1-2 ml
8-15 kg - 2-3 ml
15-30 kg - 3-5 ml
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Environmental information


Recyclable HDPE plastic bottle and paper box. Please recycle after use!

Environmental advantages:

Natural, essential oil based solution against flea and tick on pets.