Tatched roof bird feeder

Tatched roof bird feederTatched roof bird feeder

For small gardens, terraces, and schoolyards.

Holds approximately 1-1,5 kg feed.

Handcrafted product made by disabled people.

Made in: Hungary
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45 cm width, 35 cm depth, 35 cm height.

Winter time bird feeding

Several bird species won't migrate to southern places, but stays at home in the winter time. But less known is the fact that birds from northern regions come to Hungary for the winter. Our environment still provides food to birds for the winter, but feeding them is a big help, but only if it is consistent through the whole winter.

Why is consistency important?

Birds get used to their feeding places, so they will come back for years to winter near steady feeding places. So if you suddenly stop giving them food, it will be very bad for a lot of birds. For small birds, whose bodyweight is often just 4,5 - 10 gramm -10 °C temperature means they only have stored energy to get through the night. If they can't eat in the 5-6 hours of the day because we didn't fill the feeder, they can easily die the next night.

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Environmental information


Package-free product.

Environmental advantages:

These products in protection of birds help to to compensate the decreasing natural territory and sources of nutrition of birds caused by human activity, so they promote the conversation of biodiversity.

Bird feeder
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